• Python Recommendation System

    Python and Pandas

    This recommendation system uses Content Based System and Collaborative Filtering System.

  • Maps With Graphs

    Java and Google Maps API

    This program calculates and analyses, the process of finding the path between two points in a map using 3 different algorithms.

  • Art_Bridge Architecture Website

    Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL

    As the architectural firm had grown over the last few years and had completed more high-end design projects, they needed an expanded website to better feature their work.

  • Americans' Views on Gun Control

    Python, D3.JS, and R

    This project analyses how opinions on gun control laws have changed throughout the years in the United States.

  • ReactJS Single Page Application

    React and JavaScript

    A Single Page Application created on ReactJs

  • Pong


    A classic arcade game coded in Python

  • Recipe Finder

    Rails, Ruby, Food2Fork API, and SQLite

    This is a Recipe Finder App using Ruby on Rails and Food2Fork API.

  • Recommendation System


    This recommendation program uses a Collaborative Filtering system.

  • Miwok App

    Android and Java

    This android app teaches through sound, images, and translation the Miwok language.

  • Baby names data

    Java and CSV

    A ranking based program that gives insights on baby names.

  • The Rosemont NYC Bar Website

    WordPress, PHP, Sass, html, and MySQL

    The owners of The Rosemont NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, decided to change their bar from a jazz bar to a Queer/gay bar, offering affordable drinks, queer rock parties, drag queen shows, and other events every week.

  • About this Website

    Jekyll, Ruby, JQuery, and JavaScript

    This website was created with Jekyll, a static site generator.

  • Rails Blog

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and SQLite

    A blog created on Rails 4.2.5 filled with great features

  • Getting and Cleaning Data Project


    The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the process of collecting, working with, and cleaning a data set for analysis

  • Raddit App

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and SQLite

    A Clone of the famous Reddit

  • Popular Movies App

    Android, Java, The Movie Database API, Picasso, Room, LiveData, ViewModel, ButterKnife, SQLite, and Icons8

    Most of us can relate to kicking back on the couch and enjoying a movie with friends and family.

  • Text Editor


    Text editor built in Java using complex data structures such as Linked Lists, Binary Search Trees, Tries and Hash Maps.

  • Reading live EarthQuake data

    Java, Processing, Unfolding Maps API, and Android Geolocation

    A Java program that reads and analyzes live earthquake data.

  • Kitchen Helper - Agile Development

    Agile Development, Design Thinking, and Prototyping

    For this project, I created the first steps of a software development.

  • Pinboard - A Clone of the Famous Pinterest

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, and SQLite

    This is a Pinterest-like application where users are able to post images and others are able to vote.

  • Flask Microblog

    Flask and Python

    Microblog created using Flask

  • Jobs Board

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and SQLite

    A jobsboard application

  • Event Manager


    A Ruby program that uses a mailing list to create e-mails to your local representative